To say this is our most oddly assortment of images yet is an understatement and putting it together has been a journey in itself. We have to pinch ourselves to confirm that this is all real, all the people we have met, the continents we have travelled, the moments we have experienced as a family have been life changing. The images you see are not all epic, glamorous or perfectly executed, but they are what we remembered amongst the glamour, the epic and the perfectly captured. Its the in-between moments, it’s the sneaky moments that dont draw to much attention to themselves but in and of themselves make up life. They catch our attention in the strangest ways and help us to understand ourselves better. The ordinary in the extraordinary has become the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We are so grateful, not only in that we have the opportunity to travel, experience new cultures and live out some of our dreams, but that almost every weekend of our year, beautiful, sincere and remarkable couples have trusted us to be a part of their wedding day. They had faith in us to capture some of their most sacred moments. We never take this lightly and their moments have become our moments, and have shaped us and helped us fall more in love with each other. They make us remember that life is about the moments you make with the people you love and even the people you meet on the street, be it your neighbour, the guy next to you on the bus or even an old friend of your parents.

It has been a challenging year and we have been stretched, but we would not trade the sleepless nights, the long days, intense expectations and the stresses of self employment for any other job in the world. For all the hard work and risk, we have the reward of growing as people and as a family, to learn to love stronger, to see clearer and to take even greater risk in pursuit of capturing our humanity a little better.

So in conclusion, thank you dear friends for that is how we see you all, every single couple we have captured, thank you for believing in us and adding value to our lives. We hope we have done the same to yours. Thank you God for the journey and the hand you have given us to hold all along the way. 2015 we can not wait to see what you bring, but mostly we are excited to meet more people who have fallen in love and are about to embark on the journey of their lifetime.

Love, Shobana & David (and Elijah)

Corinna & Dylan Married - 0895 2014-JPEGS--0062 2014-JPEGS--0006 Laura-&-Riley-Married---0679 2014-JPEGS--0007 2014-JPEGS--0030 Sam-&-Neil-Married---0344 8.7.14-Kelbatyrov-Family---269 2014-JPEGS--0034 2014-JPEGS--0043 Holly-&-Kale-Married---0946 2014-JPEGS--0064 Laura-&-Riley-Married---0732 2014-JPEGS--0027 2014-JPEGS--0024 2014-JPEGS--0044 2014-JPEGS--0011 David-&-Mun-Married---0884 2014-JPEGS--0025 2014-JPEGS--0012 2014-JPEGS--0031 2014-JPEGS--0069 2014-JPEGS--0067 Bec-&-Anthony-Married---0993 2014-JPEGS--0066 2014-JPEGS--0070 Andrew-&-Alex-Married---0754 Andrew-&-Alex-Married---0355 Anthea-&-Chris-Married--0790 Anna-&-Luke-Married---0389 Emily-&-Wayne-Married--708 Andrew-&-Alex-Married---0300 Hannah-&-Connor-Married---0448 Arvind-&-Leenah-Engaged--0164 Holly-&-Daniel-Married---385 Jacqueline-&-Blake-Married---0658 Kate-&-Sam-Married---926 Isaiah-&-Andrea-Portraits---0184 Arvind-&-Leenah-Engaged--0269 Ina-&-Reece-Married--0541 2014-JPEGS--0061 Chong-Family---0222 Daniel-&-Elyssa-Married---1008 Tara-&-Andrew-Married---0641 Melissa-&-Rohan-Married---0965 Ina-&-Reece-Day-Before---0100 Jacqueline-&-Blake-Married---0446 Jess-&-Jarrod-Engaged--178 Kate-&-Sam-Married---850 Robert-&-Megan-Married---0743 Lauren-&-Mitch-Married---0704 Isaiah-&-Andrea-Portraits---0148 Pete-&-Elise-Engaged--0220 2014-JPEGS--0053 Daniel-&-Elyssa-Married---1204 Sam-&-Neil-Married---0938 Sharne-&-Arron-Married---0798 Isaiah-&-Andrea-Portraits---0141 2014-JPEGS--0037 Bec-&-Anthony-Married---1332 Ina-&-Reece-Married--1169 Isaiah-&-Andrea-Portraits---0205 Kate-&-Sam-Married---997 Holly-&-Daniel-Married---701 Pete-&-Elise-Engaged--0112 2014-JPEGS--0018 Kate-&-Sam-Married---319 Ina-&-Reece-Married--0980 Sharne-&-Arron-Married---0849 2014-JPEGS--0047 2014-JPEGS--0052 2014-JPEGS--0056 2014-JPEGS--0055 2014-JPEGS--0045 2014-JPEGS--0065 Kubo-Family---217 Tara-&-Andrew-Married---0786 Robert-&-Megan-Married---0782 2014-JPEGS--0036 Melissa-&-Rohan-Married---0668 Pete-&-Joanne-Engaged---0170 Jacqueline-&-Blake-Married---0461 Kubo-Family---252 Sam-&-Neil-Married---1002 Robert-&-Megan-Married---0824 Jess-&-Jarrod-Married---1135 Kate-&-Sam-Married---0952 Kate-&-Sam-Married---0974 Kate-&-Sam-Married---0637 2014-JPEGS--0041 2014-JPEGS--0051 2014-JPEGS--0039 2014-JPEGS-0040 2014-JPEGS--0058