Every year we make a trip to Malaysia, it holds a very special and significant place in our hearts. But this time felt like it was the most significant and life changing. Not just because of what we did while we were there, but because of the people we were able to meet. We shot our first Indian wedding, spent time with multiple communities and held our first workshop too!!

No one tells you how much work doing a workshop is, let alone doing your first one overseas. We braved our nerves and we can honestly say even though there was blood, sweat and even a couple of tears it was one of the best experience of our professional lives. Even greater was that it was a life impacting moment for those who attended too. These workshops were all about purpose. growth, support and contribution. And like anything when you go to give you often get so much back in return. We made life long friends, we all worked hard, laughed harder and ate a lot of good food. Its also so encouraging to see only a few months later how these brilliant photographers are growing in their business and there passion for photography. We came as individuals and left as a family.

The trip ended with a restful week of family time, Davids mum joined us a week before we headed home and as always Shobana’s Dad was with us the whole time. We really couldn’t have done the trip without him, many people ask us what do we do with Elijah while we’re working overseas and often he is spending time with him. To share our experiences in Malaysia with him is a real joy & blessing.

We return to Singapore & Malaysia to teach workshops in June & July next year. All the details can be found up here – www.athomeworkshops.com

I hope you enjoy but a glimpse of the four weeks we had to enjoy throughout Malaysia.

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