When we originally sat down to talk with Sarah and Bill about their wedding we were over the moon, knowing from the start that it was going to be really special. There is such a warmth and sincerity to them both and there love for each other inspiring. Bill who is from Canada met Sarah here in Australia whilst professionally Salmon farming in Tasmania; awesome job huh?! I love that he had to travel across the world to find the one he would call home! They both got married out on Sarah’s family property and the effort they put into the whole day showed how much they truly valued their friends and family, a celebration that will be remembered.

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We are the Robertsons; David & Shobana. We’re wedding photographers based in Newcastle, Australia that travel all over this beautiful country and beyond photographing couples special days – Have a peek around and let us know if you’d like US to do the same for YOU :) – David & Shobz – Newcastle Wedding Photography


It’s pretty hard to know when to start with these two, we’ll start at the beginning then – when we first met Dan & Anna. Yes they’ve been in our lives a while, 8 years or more in fact and they’re truly some incredibly special people. People that will be in our lives till we get old and grey, people who our children will grow up around. And truly incredible people celebrate in a special way, and we were there to document it all. We’ll let the images do the rest of the talking :)

Love, David & Shobana

When we first sat down with Dan & Elyssa we were in a state of evacuation from the fires that recently tore through the Lake Macquarie area right near our home. We thought we’d take the hopefully once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot in the freshly burnt out forrest.

Dan & El have got to be some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. Nothing was too much for them! No not even getting a little damp in the ocean to finish off the shoot. It was such a special time with them and we hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed shooting them :)

Love, David & Shobz